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Judith M. Heath,
Master QE Practitioner, Director

1113 Stoney Hill Drive, Suite C
Fort Collins, CO 80525

Quantum Energetics Institute Instructors

Judith Heath

Judith Heath is a Master Practitioner of Quantum Energetics™ and is the founder and head instructor of Quantum Energetics Institute. She teaches QEI classes in Fort Collins, CO and her institute (QEI) has classes in Temecula, CA and San Andreas, CA - taught by other instructors (below). She has profound respect, passion and dedication for both practicing and teaching QEST and for many years has devoted a great amount of time, expertise, and energy to research and the furthering of this work.

She maintains practices in both Fort Collins and Denver, Colorado and has built her clientele by referrals from satisfied clients.  Many had already tried other modalities and felt "at the end of their rope" when they had life-changing results with Quantum Energetics Structure Therapy(tm).  These experiences parallel Judith's personal QEST experience.  Others have come to QEST because of powerful results seen with family members and friends.  They've wanted QEST's restorative benefits even if not currently experiencing symptoms.  Regardless of motivation, each has benefitted from Judith's warmth, experience, and conscientious care.

Judith has been with QEST for over 42 years--since 1977--and has been teaching QEST since 1991. She has a B.S. degree in Secondary Education with work toward a master's degree in Natural Healing. She continues independent studies in her quest to grow both personally and professionally. She has taken classes in Functional Medicine and continues studies in her quest to grow both personally and professionally.  She has had satellite practices in Arizona, California, Iowa, Nebraska, and Maryland, and has promoted the benefits of QEST with lectures in various places in the USA.

In 1995, Judith founded Quantum Energetics™ Institute. QEI currently holds classes in Colorado, California and is dedicated to the expansion of QEST into new areas.   She also teaches QEST Continuing Education classes that are sanctioned by the AAEM (Association for the Advancement of Energy Medicine. 

Judith brings a deep compassion for individuals to her work; and those who come into contact with her, either as clients or as students, benefit from her warmth, experience and conscientious care. She enjoys teaching others and seeks to help them enjoy doing QEST as much as she does.

Donna Carmony

Donna Carmony of San Andreas / South Lake Tahoe, CA is a Master Practitioner of Quantum Energetics and teaches a QEI class in San Andreas.

She has a strong background in the natural health field having begun her studies in 1966. Iridology, Herbology, Homeopathy, Bio-kinesiology, Touch for Health, Applied Kinesiology, Meridian Therapy, Contact Reflex Analysis, NeuroResponse Technique, and Chinese Medicine Philosophy. She is a Certified Colon Hydro-therapist, is certified in Total Body Modification. Donna is also certified in and employs the following healing arts throughout her practice: Massage Therapy, Advanced Massage Techniques, Stephenson Method of Healing, Digits Method of Reflexology, Flower Essence Therapy, and Aromatherapy Training.

Since the outset of her career and on a continual basis, Donna has studied nutrition, attending countless varied courses and seminars. She endorses a naturopathic approach that uses foods, herbs, homeopathics, and nutritional supplements to assist her clients in the process of healing. She has given several classes to educate those interested in nutrition, the principles of natural healing, kinesiology techniques and uses, and natural foods cooking classes.

In 2000 Donna graduated as a QEST Practitioner from Western Institute of Natural Healing. She has deepened her knowledge of QEST through continuing education classes offered by Quantum Energetics Institute.

Kathleen Krellner

Kathleen Krellner of Temecula, CA is a Master Practitioner of Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy. She received training from QEST from the Western Institute of Natural Healing in San Francisco, graduating in 1999. Kathleen was an assistant teacher for over 6 years, assisted with a QEI class, and now is teaches QEI classes in Temecula, CA. Kathleen is highly dedicated to Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy—both in working with clients and teaching students.

Since 1980, Kathleen has received training in several healing modalities including Shiatsu and Swedish massage, theories in Chinese Medicine, iridology, various techniques in energy medicine and the use of essential oils and flower essences. She is also a Level I Holographic Repatterning Practitioner.

Over the years she has taken numerous classes in nutrition and most recently has taken an interest in the nutritional support of the neurotransmitters. She has furthered her studies of Quantum Energetics through continuing Education classes with QEI.

Tasha Morris

Tasha Morris, Master Practitioner of QEST, of San Ramon, CA is a graduate of QEI and has assisted Judith in teaching several groups of stucents since 2000, in Colorado and California. Tasha has a commitment and passion for helping clients and teaching QEST.

"The training I received at QEI was so thorough that by graduation I had established a full-time QEST practice. I have worked in the field of health care for well over 25 years and it is exciting now to see my QEST clients receive relief from pain, recover from serious illness, and much more. Also, I love being able to do my share of supporting my family with income from my QEST practice."

Tasha has been involved in the teaching of QEI classes (approximately 2 year programs) since 2000 and enjoys helping people learn this valuable system of natural healing. QEI students have been profuse in their praise of Tasha's teaching abilities, as well as her patience and ability to make learning fun.

Her background in medicine includes years of work in ICU/CCU, as well as Orthopedics, Medical Surgery, GYN, Oncology, Rehab, and Geriatrics. "I have had unique opportunity to see both mainstream and alternative sides of medicine." Tasha has boxed and kick-boxed professionally. She retired from the pro circuit in 2001 with over 40 years' background in martial arts training and 25 years of fighting-boxing and kickboxing and MMA in a pro setting. Tasha has owned and instructed The Rock Boxing and MMA with her husband Troy Morris. These life experiences have helped her to see and use the great benefits of QEST in sports medicine. "QEST is the most effective and powerful treatment for sports injuries I have ever found."

Additionally, Tasha has Taught Transformative Release (TR) work, which has helped many.

Marina Poling

Marina Poling of Haleiwa, HI graduated from QEI in 2002 and became a Master Practitioner of Quantum Energetics in 2007. She wants to convey how well prepared QEI students feel (especially related to problem solving) when they graduate, because of the thorough instruction that they have received.

Marina has a strong commitment to professional growth that she might better help her clients. She is also strongly committed to the furtherance of QEST. She has assisted with several QEI classes (different groups of students) and is now teaching her own QEI class in Hawaii.

Marina has become adept at research in expanding QEST codes and procedures. She assisted with compiling an index for our QEST Handbook. She has provided her organizational abilities for our annual QEST Conference as registrar.

She has a strong background in nutritional approaches to health and is continually taking classes and doing self-directed study to expand her knowledge. She has taken classes from Jeffery Bland, PhD, as well as Robert Rakowski, D.C. (functional medicine),Doctors Rain and Gary Klepper (immune modulation), and with Dr. R. Billica (in the use of neurotransmitter support). She has been influenced by the work of the Weston A. Price Foundation that is dedicated in educating the public about the use of traditional foods and the misinformation about many foods.

Marina has a degree in agronomy and has had an organic farm (but is happy to have a small backyard garden). Currently, she makes and shares kim chiand sauerkraut because of her belief in the need for fermented foods. Additionally, Marina has had training and years of experience as a Waldorf School instructor with experience in administration.

We are fortunate to have Marina bring her caring warmth, leadership, and QEST expertise to QEI classes.